A Dead End

How’s life? I wish you’re having a good day.

I wanna tell you a story why I found a dead end and thanks to its disaster. Not to forget mentioning the universe and its creator, but how should I do? I don’t remember having a blast day.

Today, I decide to not be anyone I want or need to. I just promise me to be a better me. The bitter, also better. And in my case, I think I have to move on from any internet social media babes. Bad for my life. Bad for my destructive daily consumption. I will close myself to anyone except those who appreciate me and how struggling I have with this life.

And its people. Will not be my priority. Anymore.

Everything is getting worse.

That’s the story. I hope I can find a new dead end.


Biasanya, saya menangis berjam-jam untuk kembali menjadi manusia yang waras. Malam ini, berbeda. Saya tidak bisa menangis. Mungkin, nanti akan berganti menjadi berhari-hari. Semoga tidak.

Saya tidak baik-baik saja.


I should be somewhere now.

To heal myself from an open-wound.

Are you coming?


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